How to get kids to listen

26 Aug 2022 03:13pm
Decorative photo. Photo by 123rf.
Decorative photo. Photo by 123rf.
Raising children is not an easy task, especially when it comes to disciplining them.

When tantrums ensue or they refuse to listen, it’s only a matter of time before parents can lose their patience.

In an interview with SinarPlus, UiTM Private Specialist Centre and UiTM Medical Faculty consulting psychiatrist expert Dr Nor Jannah Nasution Raduan explained how a child’s behaviour is shaped through the relationship they have with their parents or their guardians.

"Parents are the best example or role model for growing children because a child will copy all of the actions and deeds done by parents. Parents must show a good example," she said.

She also shared tips that parents could implement in their parenting style, to teach them to listen.


When it comes to communicating with children, it’s vital for parents to be in a calm state. If there are work related problems, manage that separately, and calm down before conversing with the young ones.


Kids have feelings too - as parents, it’s important to be a good shoulder to lean on if they have stories to tell or feelings to express. They should also be given the space to voice out their opinions even they don’t meet eye to eye with their parents.
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Giving instructions repetitively could be seen as nagging. If kids refuse to listen to what you have asked them to do, approach them by asking them why and find a solution.

"If we continue to act such way, children may show signs of protesting through their actions.

"Parents need to show their good values from instructions. on the contrary, the could move together as a group in solving matters such as cleaning the house together," she said.

The same topic was discussed by Lucknow Healthcare Clinic Clinical Psychologist, Dr Tanu Chowdury in a written article titled Only My Health.

Dr Tanu said parents should learn the reason children refuse to listen.

"Sometimes there are possibilities they had forgot what was told, so parents must find ways for them to listen to the instruction or orders said. They need to always give space for their children," Dr Tanu said.

Dr Jannah said: "In giving out punishments, reducing the privileges that was given to children is a good plan of action. For example, not allowing a child to go out to play as punishment.

"Afterwards, parents should discuss why the punishment was done and the consequence that could happen if the they were to repeat their actions again again," she said.