Politicians shall apply Surah Al-Sajdah in their duties – Hussamuddin

30 Aug 2022 06:27pm

PUTRAJAYA - Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Foundation (WUIF) founder Datuk Hussamuddin Yaacub hopes that politicians can apply Surah Al-Sajdah in carrying out their duty.

Surah Al-Sajdah was chosen for the Malaysia #QuranHour 2022 and the concept for today's event was to make people understand the context of reading the Quran.

"What happened in the current world was due to the arrogance, (where people) do not prostrate and the impatience of the leaders and people. Some people took the easy path like corruption and cheating to achieve wealth quickly.

"Hence, we hoped that with this programme, this message could be relayed to the politicians and not to rely on the party's charter, but on Allah's charter.

"They should understand the Quran if they really want to develop Malaysia and lead us out from this hardship," he said during his talk for 'Pesan Kemerdekaan' at the Malaysia #QuranHour 2022 at Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque, today.

The Karangkraf Group chairman added that as Surah Al-Sajdah was the chosen surah for this year, it was hoped to work as the method to tackle vanity through prostrate, charity and patience.

"We hoped that by listening to this surah along this year, the message could be relayed and repeatedly heard by the restless soul.

"We also should learn the messages from this surah to drop the arrogance in us, families and also our leaders," he added.

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Hussamuddin said this year marked the eighth year of this programme but the physical event was halted for two years due to the pandemic.

He expressed his gratefulness for the success of today's programme.

On the other hand, he emphasised their effort was to simplify the Quran reading and it was better if the participants could memorise the Quran.