Nip corruption in the bud for a cleaner Malaysia

31 Aug 2022 10:00am
Illustration photo: 123RF
Illustration photo: 123RF

SHAH ALAM - Karangkraf Media Group believes that in order to achieve a corrupt-free country, it is crucial to eradicate corruption at the grassroots level.

Karangkraf Media Group Deputy chairman Datuk Muhammad Nasir Hamzah said at the moment, corrupt activities in the country took place at all levels, even in the smallest situation.

“For instance, there is bribery if you want to enter Makkah or even (when getting) promotion in the workplace.

“This has to be nipped at the grassroots level,” he said.

Nasir said that Malaysia desperately needed a reset in political views.

“Malaysia absolutely needs a change, but who is willing to make a difference? It’s the people who have to change the politicians by voting and electing suitable candidates.

“We have the National Unity Ministry but I am clueless about their role in making sure that Malaysians are united.

“Looks like ordinary people like us are doing more than our officials out there,” he said.

Meanwhile, Karangkraf Media Group Head of Marketing Nik Justin Nik Mohd Ariffin said the most crucial aspect in combatting corruption was moral values.

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“One thing that cannot be beaten by any algorithm is our moral value and that is why people have measure and weigh on who is corrupted and who are not.

“We have a tagline used by Sinar Harian and Rasuah Busters, which is ‘Nilai Moral Karakter Bangsa’, which resembles our nation’s character and is good enough for us to fight the corruption,” he said.

When asked on the best secret ingredients to unite Malaysians and for a stable Malaysia, Nik Justin said ‘Listen to your mother’.

“Listen to your mother would always be my secret ingredient to unite Malaysia because we Malaysians have a strong family background and I believe all moral values start from home.

“Don’t get sucked into this bubble of negativity in social media. So I urge all parents, teachers, bosses to instill integrity, moral values to your children, students, neighbours and employees,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rasuah Busters Chief Executive Officer Nurhayati Nordin was in the view that Malaysians needed a reset on how they view and what they expect from politicians.

She said that were not merely politicians, but they were the nation’s leaders.

Nurhayati further expressed her hope for leaders to look into the people’s interest especially on corruption and integrity issues.

“We hope that the leaders here can really look into Rakyat’s interest especially on the corruption issues, integrity issues where the reset actually would make changes from within the family and community,” she said.

Meanwhile, since many politicians would look at data and algorithm of social media to win in the upcoming GE15, the Rasuah Buster’s chief believe that Malaysians should make a wise choice to accept any form of information or facts received, especially those shared by politicians.

“In Islam, we call it as ‘tabayyun’ or verification of fact because we have an overflow of facts and information and it is for us to filter which one is good for us and can carry benefit for the good of the country,” she further explained.

Meanwhile, Strategic Alliance Officer of Rasuah Busters, Wan Normi Hasan encouraged all Malaysians by starting on this Merdeka month, Malaysians should free themselves from corruption.

“If you are already in an ecosystem that violates integrity, please free yourself and start a better life for future generations,” she urged.

Wan Normi said all politicians should focus on integrity and start thinking about what is the real purpose they are competing.

“Ask yourself why do you compete? Do want to defend the fate of the people, develop the country or for the benefit of one’s own pockets?” she questioned.