CyberSecurity Malaysia: Handle cyber security issues efficiently or risk data theft

31 Aug 2022 09:30am
Dr Amiruddin
Dr Amiruddin

SHAH ALAM - Cyber security issues need to be handled seriously and comprehensively by taking into account holistic safety measures for users including data.

Now, cybercriminals were cunning and use website surfing tactics to gain information to be exploited.

CyberSecurity Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Datuk Dr Amiruddin Abdul Wahab said the higher-ups of an organisation must play a critical role in cybersecurity and not just rely completely on the information and technology department (IT).

"The higher-ups must also decide a strategic approach that should be taken besides ensuring sufficient financial resources for every department to spend for the purpose of cybersecurity," he told Sinar Harian.

He added that the Covid-19 pandemic caused many organisations to take the initiative to conduct businesses and services online to maintain the company operations.

However, only a few organisations were prepared to face risks and threats of cybercrime like fraud, breaching, spam, data theft, service disruption and malicious codes.

Thus, he said, there were some strategic approaches that needed to be done to curb certain organisations from becoming a victim of cybercrimes.

"A defence-in-depth should be done on every level including device, application, computer, network system, foundation and guideline because cyber criminals will always look for weaknesses, loopholes and opportunities to strike an organisation.

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"Organisations should also act proactively by monitoring and understanding what is happening within the network system so they can track any anomalies, at the same time preventing any threat from happening.

"Implementing Zero-Trust should also be considered which is to include control and limiting access to users only by tasks and needs," he said.

He stressed that the approach on the issues regarding awareness and cyber security must also be enhanced among the organisation's staff.

The use of free applications, third-party software and public Wi-Fi connections should also be avoided while sending official documents or performing any transactions instead, use a trusted network like the virtual private network (VPN).

"Don't click on links or open attachments from unknown or suspicious sources.

“Send a report to the respective IT department or the Cyber999 service if faced with any cybercrime activities," he said.

Risks and implications of IT security

In the current era of digital technology, people must have the knowledge and information regarding cyber security to avoid oneself of becoming victims of threats and cyber-attacks.

Amirudin informed that CyberSecurity Malaysia offered various initiatives in the effort to cultivate the people's awareness of the importance of cyber security like the CyberSAFE (Cyber Safety Awareness For Everyone) programme, the best practices to avoid becoming a victim of cyber threats and the use of technology in a positive, ethical and responsible way.

He also said CyberSecurity Malaysia also cooperated and gained support from electronic media and publishing to convey the message regarding cyber security and Internet well-being.

"CyberSecurity Malaysia also conducts physical and online seminars and public forums which include various aspects of cyber security like cyber parenting, cyber ethics and online shopping.

"A strategic cooperation is also held with various ministries, government agencies, corporations, higher learning institutes and non-governmental organisations (NGO)," he said.