New photo surfaces, Jho Low allegedly in Macau

23 Sep 2022 11:59am
A screenshot of the photo shared by the journalists which showed a man believed to be Jho Low spotted at a mall in Macau.
A screenshot of the photo shared by the journalists which showed a man believed to be Jho Low spotted at a mall in Macau.

SHAH ALAM - Journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope reveal a new photo allegedly showing fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho or Jho low at a shopping mall in Macau, China.

Hope said the photo was obtained from a private investigator who recorded the man, claimed to be Jho Low wearing an orange shirt. The man, however, was not looking at the camera.

He claimed the private investigator had also shown a photo that revealed his face at the time but he was not allowed to share the picture with the public.

“Obviously there was a different time when Jho Low was being really sought after in large part because of the idea of recovering the money (embezzled from the 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) case).

“It is unclear who hired this private investigator but it could have been the Malaysian government or an intermediary however, he was tracked down," Bradley shared through YouTube with Tom on Friday.

Bradley claimed Jho Low's wife Jesselynn Chuan Teik Ying was also seen in the picture in a black gown with a maid and an individual believed to be the handler of the businessman.

However, both journalists did not release the dates on when the photo was taken.

Bradley said with about US$8.5 billion or RM38.8 billion dollars allegedly embezzled from 1MDB compared to the amount successfully restored by governments including Malaysia, Jho Low still had a massive fortune.

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He said the United States and United Kingdom (UK) governments had successfully recovered assets worth about US $1.4 billion or RM64 Billion comprised of luxury homes, planes and company stocks.

He said not all the money embezzled from 1MDB was successfully tracked or had its whereabouts known.

Tom said taking into account of the situation, he believed that Jho Low still had a holding of billions of ringgit from 1MDB and the matter was seen as why the businessman was still able to be free.

"It has become a norm for those on the run (to have big fortunes).

"This was another reason why Malaysians and its government needed to be angry towards the fact that there had been no actions taken (to catch Jho Low)," he said.

As of November last year, the Finance Ministry announced a total of RM20.3 billion 1MDB assets were returned to the Malaysian government.