Sewerage service tariff in Peninsula, Labuan streamlined - KASA

27 Sep 2022 11:25am
Photo for illustration purposes only - 123RF Photo
Photo for illustration purposes only - 123RF Photo
PUTRAJAYA - The tariff for connected sewerage services and emptying septic tanks for the domestic category in Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan will be streamlined and subjected to additional charges, starting from Jan 1 and 1Oct 1 next year, respectively.

The Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA), in a statement today, said the matter was decided at a Cabinet meeting last April 20.

"This tariff adjustment will involve an increase of between RM5 to RM8 per month for the service of emptying of septic tanks with effect from Oct 1, 2023. For connected services, there will be a small increase of RM2 per month with effect from Jan 1, 2023," it said.

According to the ministry, targeted assistance will be provided to ease the people's burden by giving rebates to those registered with the E-Kasih programme.

It said the average cost per month for providing connected sewerage services is RM17 compared to the current tariff rate which is between RM2 and RM8, while the actual cost of the septic tank emptying service is RM22 per month compared to the current tariff rate of between RM2 and RM6 per month.

"This (new) tariff rate is also lower compared to other utility service tariffs, such as electricity supply, telecommunications and Internet broadband,” it said.

Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd (IWK) is the national sewerage company that provides connected sewerage services and emptying individual septic tanks, as well as ensures public sewage treatment plants (LRK) and national sewerage assets operate well and are well maintained to reduce the risk of pollution to the environment.

According to KASA, since the sewerage service was taken over by IWK in 1994, that is 28 years ago, the sewerage tariff has never been reviewed and has affected IWK's cash flow where the income cannot cover its operating costs which increases every year.

"This has affected the sustainability of the country's sewerage sector as a whole. The adjustment of sewerage service tariff rates is important to ensure a sustainable sewerage service industry.
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"This move will enable IWK to provide an effective and efficient service. The increasingly stable financial position allows IWK to finance maintenance and repair works, in addition to daily operating costs," it said.

The ministry expressed its confidence that with the experience and expertise possessed by IWK, it would be able to ensure a more systematic management of the operation and maintenance of sewerage assets and the compliance of treated effluent according to the set standards.

"This will simultaneously reduce sewage pollution on water sources and supports environmental sustainability," it said. - BERNAMA