New government should focus on economic recovery, create job opportunities - Ikram

03 Oct 2022 11:45am
Badlishah Sham.
Badlishah Sham.

SHAH ALAM - Ikram Organisation Malaysia (Ikram) hopes for the government formed after the 15th General Election (GE15) to focus on the economic recovery efforts to create more job opportunities for the people.

Its President Badlishah Sham Baharin said the economic recovery could provide good and stable income, control inflations and basic necessity prices not to burden the people as well as raise their skills to provide chances for more job opportunities.

He said it had become a necessity to push for corruption and the leakage of public funds to be seriously addressed immediately.

"The prevention of corruption is needed to reduce the financial burden of the government other than recovering the perception of investors towards Malaysia.

“A focus on the government should be given accordingly towards the root of this issue.

"The problem regarding the governance, productivity, corruption and creating the value added in the economy through technology, human resource development and education must be done with serious and proper planning.

"Without changes from these corners, Malaysia would not be able to rise and become a progressive and prosperous country," he told Sinar Harian.

He said the people wanted the anti-corruption movement by civil society organisations such as Rasuah Busters to be intensified and supported by all parties.

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"The final goal is to create the public that practices zero tolerance towards corruption and misuse of power.

"To raise leaders that have a high moral compass, integrity and authoritative in the democratic system that states fairness, equality and prosperity together," he explained.

He said the election needed to be implemented without the involvement of any interested parties.

"GE15 without bribes, corruption and false votes, we hope for the total number of voters to be higher for the political leadership of the country to truly gain the people's mandate.

"Lastly without the betrayal towards the people's mandate as what happened before in GE14," he said.

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