FIRESIDE CHAT- Syria: Still Under Fire

03 Oct 2022 05:41pm

Eleven years since protesters in Syria first demonstrated against the four-decade rule of the Assad dynasty, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed and some twelve million people, believed to be more than half the country’s prewar population have been displaced.

The country has descended into an ever more complex civil war, where one side promotes theocracy and the other pushes for a more democratic and pluralistic state, on top of regional powers advancing their geopolitical interests on Syrian grounds.

It has been more than a decade of instability in Syria and likely more to come. How has the peace talks been? Will there be a regime change or will it remain the same? What are the hopes and expectations of the Syrian people?

Watch our exclusive interview as we dive into the instability issue in Syria as well as the hopes and expectations of its people.

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