What happens once parliament is dissolved?

05 Oct 2022 08:00am
The Malaysian Parliament building
The Malaysian Parliament building

SHAH ALAM - What happens once Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob dissolves the Parliament, the legislative body of government?

Former Bersih activist Maria Chin Abdullah said the Election Commission (EC) takes control of managing an election to elect a new government and they would start to prepare for a polling date.

The nomination day, she said depends on the EC but it is normally around a month after Parliament is dissolved. "But the campaigning days are fixed by the EC is about 14 days so far,” she said.

Once Parliament is dissolved, the government of the day becomes the caretaker and the EC should be independent of the government.

While this takes place, political parties would start their campaigning to woo voters.

“Politicians are seen making promises and saying what they want but they have to make sure they can deliver their promises.

“We must hold them on higher grounds otherwise these are just sweets put out to fish for voters. Voters nowadays are much smarter and I hope they will not fall for empty promises,” she told Sinar Daily.

She further advised voters to cast votes on those who can deliver.

Chin, the Petaling Jaya MP further said under the election law, no government machinery can be used during elections.

She further said politicians are not supposed to announce new projects, new promises and new policies or laws or to announce new grants.

“However, they had to maintain the projects that were already in operation if it related to the projects and not more than that.

“Parliament should convene almost immediately after elections but as we know it has been delayed for several months in 2018. The duration is determined by the government of the day,” she added.

Political analyst Azmi Hassan shared on the do’s and don’ts for the politicians once Parliament is dissolved.

“They cannot demean their candidate, nor tell lies and or make promises they cannot fulfill.

“What they can say basically during the campaign is that they will demonstrate they are the best candidate and party that can run the government," he said.

Azmi further said politicians are not allowed cash or gifts to voters as it is considered bribery and could also influence voters to vote for a certain politician, he said.

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After the polling day results, the party with the majority votes governs the country and the King consents to the elected politician as agreed by the winning party.