Caramel soy sauce ice cream: When Hamadaya’s savoury meets Inside Scoop’s sweetness

06 Oct 2022 05:25pm
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Taste like no other before, savoury ice cream is gaining popularity now as a new normal in adapting to new taste buds. Perhaps there is no such thing as an unusual invention.

In honor of World Soy Sauce Day on Oct 1, Hamadaya, a Halal-certified premium Japanese sauce brand, has teamed up with local artisanal ice cream brand, Inside scoop, to create a genuinely unique, limited edition soy-sauce-flavored ice cream.

How would a seasoning sauce compliment a sweet, cold treat?

The caramel soy sauce ice cream is said to be created by using Inside Scoop's timeless jersey milk ice cream as the base, infused with Hamadaya's caramelised Japanese seasoning soy sauce.

Inside Scoop is best referred to as an excellent homegrown brand in creating extraordinary flavours of ice cream that no one could ever think of, and this time around, they've returned with a Japanese taste of deep and rich flavour combines with sweet and softness of ice cream.

Hamadaya vice president of marketing, Lili Ho said she believes the collaboration will pique the curiosity of both Hamadaya and Inside Scoop customers.

“Moreover, with the Japanese culture being well-received and adopted in Malaysian society, it was about time an innovation such as this came into the market,” she told.

Inside Scoop co-founder, Edmund Tan echoed the same idea, commenting on the brand's openness to continue exploring new flavours in order to fulfill customers' curiosities.

“We are always open to explore new flavours that we think would entice our customers.
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“We constantly try to push boundaries with our creations and satisfy the curiosity and taste buds of our customers at the same time,” he commented.

After innumerable trial and error sessions over the course of six months, the successful invention is now available only for a month, from Oct 1 to Oct 31.

Meanwhile, Hamadaya intends to unveil further fresh and intriguing products by the end of the year.

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