Polling day should be convenient to electorate - Syed Hamid

13 Oct 2022 03:47pm
Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar (right) during an exclusive interview with Sinar Daily on the latest episode of Fireside Chat.
Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar (right) during an exclusive interview with Sinar Daily on the latest episode of Fireside Chat.

KUALA LUMPUR – An election should take place at a point that is convenient to the electorate, thus it is impossible to hold it during floods.

Veteran politician Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar said the current administration could not just simply decide on the dates at their own “whims and fancies” without taking into account the public’s opinion.

However, the former home minister said despite the public’s opinion, it was still up to the government or political party to consider.

He also said Malaysia's political landscape has become very unique as it was not a government of political parties, but rather of individuals led by the Prime Minister who were Members of Parliament.

“What is most important in an election under normal circumstances is that it is decided by the government of the day when the best time to run it is so that they can get the majority that they want to form a government,” he told Sinar Daily during the latest episode of Fireside Chat.

He said even though the party was in charge of deciding when the election will be taking place, the Prime Minister was the one who held the final decision.

“There is a dilemma as in a lot of opposing views among the public regarding the next election. Some say it should be held now to provide political stability while some say otherwise,” he said.

When asked on Umno’s consideration on the citizen’s interest and the fact that the monsoon season would be arriving soon, he said he was in no position to say whether he was happy or not.

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However, as a voter and somebody who had served the country, he said it was important for the country to have a very predictable government, a certain government and stable politics.

To fulfill these three elements was up to the political party and government to decide, he added.

Syed Hamid further expressed that Umno like any other political party would definitely look for the best time that would bring them advantage, thus it was not surprising that they were pushing for immediate polls as they felt everybody else was in a mess.

He said after all, Umno also won certainty since the Prime Minister was the poster boy and they had already have a candidate for the premier shift.

Syed Hamid added that if Umno acted against public interest or reaction, it would not be in their favour.

He said their judgment was based on the Melaka and Johor state elections.

“It's a very important question because it is a subject that everyone is discussing on a routine and daily basis,” he said when asked regarding the timing of the 15th General Election.