TTDI versus Zahid in Bagan Datuk

13 Oct 2022 01:21pm
Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail. FILE PIX
Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail. FILE PIX

KUALA LUMPUR - The son of a former Deputy Prime Minister in the Tun Abdul Razak era, Mohamed Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail confirms that he will contest against Umno President, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in Bagan Datuk in the 15th General Election (GE15).

Tawfik, the founder of Gerak Independent, was once the MP for Sungai Benut, Johor under Barisan Nasional (BN) in the 80s.

This GE15, he volunteered to contest with the theme ‘Public against Corruption’ and hoped the public would say no to corruption or corrupted leaders in the upcoming election.

"I cannot stand corruption and poor manner being perceived as common Malay traits,” he said.

Tawfik said as a Malay of some pedigree, he had a personal stake in the history of Malaysia as both his maternal and paternal grandfathers, his father and uncles had sacrificed themselves for the respectability and honour of not just the Malays, but all loyal Malaysians.

"My late uncle Sulaiman (Datuk Sulaiman Abdul Rahman) fought and defeated Onn Jaafar and my grandfather Datuk Mohamed Seth Mohd Said defied the late Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim for Malay dignity and integrity.

"It is my time to do what is necessary so my children and grandchildren will have a model to look to in the future.

“My grandfather Datuk Abdul Rahman led the Orang Tujuh Muar (seven Muar men) so I am following in their footsteps to do the right thing."

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He hoped this election would prove that the people would unanimously reject corruption and corrupted leaders or who were considered to practise corruption and wrongdoings.

"Zahid, as the leader of the largest Malay political movement cannot be the spokesman of the Malays with his demeanour and “never mind” attitude, and must be stopped.

"I want the leaders especially the Malays to return to the correct moral compass, our country is facing the worst corruption crisis in history."

Tawfik wanted the people to choose a leader who was not only clean but looked physically clean.

When asked why he chose Bagan Datuk, he said, "Clean leadership should start there."

He realised that going up against a big party president with a big machinery would not be easy, "but someone has to do it."

"So far, no other Malay leader has the courage to fight him head-on for principles.

"We should send a message to the people that the future of the country depends on a clean image among its leaders."