McKinsey & Company uses AI-powered intelligence to provide customer-centric experiences

13 Oct 2022 03:50pm
Image for illustrative purposes only - BERNAMA
Image for illustrative purposes only - BERNAMA
KUALA LUMPUR - Marketing and sales teams now have to connect with their consumers and buyers in entirely new ways; but disjointed data, complex tech stacks, and siloed work practices can derail those efforts.

Thus, McKinsey & Company is extending the power of CustomerOne’s proven and comprehensive approach.

By driving personalisation at scale, sales growth, and enabling data-driven pricing, organisations in any industry can achieve 10-20 per cent revenue growth.

Powered by QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey, CustomerOne uses a Hybrid intelligence approach, combining human understanding with machine and AI intelligence, to reveal customer insights, identify opportunities for growth, and deliver lasting impact at speed.

It also delivers agile operating models and builds capabilities to transform critical insights into customer action.

"The extension of CustomerOne brings our capabilities together as one to drive faster end-to-end transformations for our clients across industries,” said Partner at McKinsey & Company, Stuart Schardin, in a statement.

CustomerOne seamlessly integrates strategy, technology, AI-powered growth capabilities, and implementation accelerators.

It drives top-line growth, creates long-term customer value, and helps marketing and sales teams achieve higher returns by optimising efficiency and effectiveness across the entire sales funnel.

The mission of the McKinsey Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice is to help leaders of both consumer and business-to-business clients create Growth That Matters through meaningful transformations and marketing-driven profit. - BERNAMA
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