Zahid releases full video of viral clip, clear his name over BN leaders on ‘waiting’ list

13 Oct 2022 04:04pm

SHAH ALAM - Umno president Datuk Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi releases the full clip of his viral video to reclaim his name from the public’s misunderstanding.

On his Twitter account, he posted a two-minute video clip that showed the extension of his speech that was cut allegedly cut off in the previous viral video.

In the new video, Zahid mentioned that they were judged by the court of public opinion and that the court had sentenced him as if he had been found guilty.

The video also included a few newspaper cuttings of headlines calling out against former premier Tun Dr Mahathir for misinterpreting his words on social media.

"Tun Mahathir only read certain media reports that only reported their statements in bits and pieces," the newspaper cuttings stated.

Zahid further said in the video that God was great and eventually, the truth would prevail.

He also stressed that they must continue the strive to uphold the truth.

He also said that it was not in Umno’s intention to challenge the judiciary system but to challenge the political accusations against them.

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“We challenge the selective prosecution as they are vindictive towards Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders,” he said.

Zahid also told the audience that it was humiliating to be seated in the accused dock.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you do not know what it feels like to sit in the accused dock.

“It is humiliating and shameful,” he said.

On Oct 11, a clip from his speech at the MIC’s 76th annual general meeting went viral, where he joked that many other Umno leaders will be facing court charges if they lost in GE15.

His jokes sparked a wave of public rage as to them it appeared as if Umno’s adamancy for GE15 to happen this year was only for their leaders to escape any court charges.