Electric vehicle sales up 65 per cent over 12 months in Australia

14 Oct 2022 02:24pm
Image for illustrative purposes only - sinar archive
Image for illustrative purposes only - sinar archive
CANBERRA - Sales of electric vehicles in Australia have increased 65 per cent over the last 12 months, reported Xinhua.

The latest State of Electric Vehicles report, which was released by the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) on Friday, electric vehicles (EVs) accounted for 3.39 per cent of all new Australian car sales in the 12 months to September.

It represents an increase of 65 per cent from 2021, when 2.05 per cent of new cars sold in Australia were EVs.

In the same period, the number of public fast and ultra-fast charger locations across Australia increased by 22 per cent to 350.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is leading the country's transition to electric transport, with EVs accounting for 9.5 per cent of all new car sales compared to 0.8 per cent in the Northern Territory (NT).

However, the report noted Australia had a long way to go to catch up to the rest of the world on EV sales.

"It's great to see so much momentum behind EV sales in Australia, but to put our 3.4 per cent in context, Germany sits at 26 per cent, the UK at 19 per cent, and California at 13 per cent. The global average is 8.6 per cent so Australia has a long, long way to come," Jake Whitehead, EVC head of Policy, said in a media release.

"We know from all the research that Australians are keen to get behind the wheel of an EV, but they just aren't getting the access that other markets get. Because our governments have lagged behind the world on EV policy, Australia is still something of an afterthought for global EV manufacturers. So Australian consumers have a smaller range of EVs to choose from and they are also being forced to wait for many months or even years to take delivery of new vehicles," he added. - BERNAMA

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