Love Me More: Parenting is a sweet journey

28 Sep 2022 01:43pm
Medical graduate-turned-motivational speaker and parenting coach, Dr Atiyah Azmi
Medical graduate-turned-motivational speaker and parenting coach, Dr Atiyah Azmi

If you ever think of being burned out and demotivated being a parent, focus on what makes you stronger and make it bigger. You will taste the sweetness of being a parent.

The words of gems came out from the medical graduate-turned-motivational speaker and parenting coach, Dr Atiyah Azmi.

As someone who was busy juggling her life in between career and also as a mother of five, Atiyah didn’t negate the effort in order to meet up between her children’s needs and also to make a living as well.

She said in order to cope with struggles and make things better, it was all about self control and anger.

“I’d say it's about self control, many of us have a problem of controlling ourselves and anger, especially during stressful situations.

“So you need to tackle this problem in yourself and insyaallah it would be easier for you to manage your children.

“Moreover, what’s most important is to know your strengths and also your weaknesses. So, whenever you feel weak, you need help with that,” she said.

Nevertheless, Atiyah didn’t miss on saying mothers or parents also should focus on the strength as well and focus on growing it bigger.

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She further advised and stressed on understanding what Islam wants and Allah wants the best for His slave.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to have the right intention and do something within the limitations that were set by God.

Touching on the recent issue where a girl’s collection was burned by the parents, Atiyah said it was important to build the connection before correction.

“Number one with children is always connection before correction. When we see children do things that we dont like,we try to jump in and try to get rid of it.

“Connect with your children, try to understand and blend with your children on how to solve the issue on whatever interest the have might not be to our likings.

“I'd say that our children are not to be at that age forever. They might be 15, which is troublesome for us, but they're not going to be 15 forever,” she said.

However, as parents it was important to give them the experience as children will grow into adults and they will keep a lot of memories but what kind of memories did they keep?

“Such as the memory of my mom not understanding me or my mom having difficulties understanding me but she made the effort,” she said.

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