It now takes me three hours to reach home, commuters lament over LRT disruptions

10 Nov 2022 07:35pm
(From left anti-clock wise) Deborah Lee, Mohammad Yusuf, Selvendran and Jaya Malini
(From left anti-clock wise) Deborah Lee, Mohammad Yusuf, Selvendran and Jaya Malini

SHAH ALAM - Commuters have expressed frustration over the seven day termination of Kelana Jaya LRT line services since Tuesday night.

One of the commuters, Selvendran, 24 from Kuala Lumpur said the disruption has consumed half of his time travelling back home.

"It usually takes around one hour (the whole duration of travelling) but now it takes me about three hours.

"I have to take two or three buses before getting home," he said to Sinar Daily.

Meanwhile, another passenger Jaya Malaini, 41 from Puchong expressed her dissapointment as her family use the LRT to travel to school and work.

"There was no guidance on what and which bus to take. This is time consuming and I am one hour late to my work today.

"This must be solved immediately since we use LRT daily," she said.

These disruption occurs at a time when the country is gearing up for election on Nov 19.

It has caused an outraged on social media as they say the distruption was frequent.

Speaking on that, Deborah Lee, 19 who hails from Perak hopes the relevant parties can improve the transportation system.

"Why are there are so many problems every time?," she asks.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Yusuf, 24 from Klang urge everyone to vote for the party that is active in solving these issues.

"I hope people will vote for a party who is are focused in people's need rather than their own political needs," he said.

Previously, LRT operator Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd had said the unstable automatic train control (ATC) system was identified as the cause of interruption in the Kelana Jaya Line LRT train service last Saturday and Monday.

Prasarana said LRT services between Kelana Jaya and Ampang Park stations will be suspended for seven days starting at 6 am yesterday, after taking into account passenger safety and the time it will take to identify the cause of the service disruption.

However, Prasarana Malaysia Bhd (Prasarana) and its sister company Rapid Bus have also been providing over 100 feeder buses to accomodate public transport users.

Around 80 personnel were also stationed at relevant stations to guide and monitor passenger's movement.

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