Save Umno from Muhyiddin and Mahathir – Zahid

18 Nov 2022 06:36pm
Zahid Hamidi's post today - Zahid Hamidi Facebook
Zahid Hamidi's post today - Zahid Hamidi Facebook

SHAH ALAM – Save Umno from being dissolved or deregistered, its president Dato' Seri Hamidi urged voters in a Facebook post today.

Zahid asked voters to save Umno from Bersatu chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as well as Pejuang chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said it was important to ensure that Barisan Nasional wins big in the upcoming 15th general elections (GE15) to make sure Umno is safe from another attempt to be dissolved, after the first attempt in 2018 when Bersatu and PH formed the ruling government.

Zahid stated that the ruling government had attempted the move in 2018 to eliminate the influence of the grassroots and the position of the Malay-based party, so that Bersatu could take over the role and dominate Malay votes.

" Even I myself was asked by Mahathir to dissolve Umno and bring all its members as well as members of Parliament to join Bersatu on a large scale,“ he revealed.

He further claimed that Muhyiddin had a grudge against Umno.

"When I refuse to comply with the request, I was subjected right away to selective prosecution.

“I was also humiliated, belittled and even labelled as being part of the court cluster and people had this perception of me for many many years. In fact, some have used this accusation not only to discredit me, but also to taint Umno's name ,” he wrote.
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“When I was found not guilty of the 40 cases brought up in the High Court, none of them who had been labelling me apologized to me.

“In fact, there were those who had a bad heart and attitude and continued to try to humiliate my family and destroy my political career. What is strange is that leaders like Lim Guan Eng and Syed Saddiq who are also facing court cases were not labelled as court clusters,” he wrote.

For the sake of Umno’s dignity and self-respect, the party president called all members and supporters of BN to uphold the truth towards a sovereign state of law.

He urged all members to make sure that the national system is fair and that there will be no selective prosecution.

Zahid went on to note that “One vote for Muhyiddin Yassin and Mahathir and their allies was a vote for the attempt to dissolve Umno".

“Remember! Muhyiddin said Umno will be drowned in the Muar River. Don't let Umno continue to be attacked while we remain silent,” he stressed.

He further added that as long as these political figures remain, Umno will always be in danger.