GE15: Prabakaran arrives to cast vote in Sentul

19 Nov 2022 09:03am
Prabakaran (middle).
Prabakaran (middle).

KUALA LUMPUR – Pakatan Harapan Batu parliamentary seat candidate P. Prabakaran arrives at the Chong Hwa Private High School to cast his vote.

Prabakaran, dubbed the ‘true Sentul boy’ was seen wearing a white smart casual attire entered the school compound and greeted the voters there.

After he had voted, Prabakaran said the whole process went smoothly, however advised the voters to quickly complete their voting process.

“If each voters take at least two minutes to vote, I’m worried the time won’t be sufficient enough.

“My best advice to all voters, go in, vote and come out,” he said.

Prabakaran even joked saying that “The list of candidates were long, I was confused in a second to vote for whom.

In Batu Parliamentary seat, the electoral battle would be a tense competition between ten candidates – which would be the highest number of contestants in GE15.

Prabakaran was the incumbent of the Batu seat, where he won the seat as an independent in the 2018 polls and is now standing on a PH ticket.

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His challengers include former two-term Batu MP Chua Tian Chang, better known as Tian Chua. He was disqualified from standing in the last election and campaigned for Prabakaran instead.

Prabakaran, who was still studying law in university during the 14th General Election was the youngest ever MP in Malaysia at the age of 22, before later joining Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

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