Syed Saddiq condemns voters who upload videos on TikTok while voting

19 Nov 2022 06:50pm
Syed Saddiq after finishing voting on Saturday.
Syed Saddiq after finishing voting on Saturday.
JOHOR BHARU - Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) president, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman criticises voters, especially young ones who upload videos while voting on TikTok.

He said such actions should not be done because the Election Commission (EC) does not allow mobile phones to be brought into any polling booth.

"I saw on Tik Tok that someone uploaded a video of them voting... I mean during voting, not after voting.

"This is a bit troubling and that's the main reason why the EC does not allow phones to be brought inside because there is an element of vote buying...for instance take a picture of the proof of vote for party A or party B, then go out and get money.

"That's why my advice to young people is to follow the law because there is a reason; if you want to share who you voted for, if you want to make a video with a flag then do it.. that's your right, but we have many other ways to show support and by obeying the law by not bringing mobile phones and recording equipment into the voting room,” he said.

Commenting on the voting process on Saturday, Syed Saddiq said, he was moved and proud to see the young people who came out early in the morning to vote.

He said, despite knowing that the voting process only started at 8am, they (young people) had been waiting since early morning to vote.

"They came out in groups with their families, all came once, and some were drenched to fulfill their responsibilities as voters.

"Previously, some people said that young people will not come out to vote, but it's obvious that 18-year-olds are proud when they are given the right to vote.
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This morning in Muar, I had time to look at every Voting District Centre (PDM) and found that the turnout percentage for young people was very good.

"This is proof that young people really love the country, and want to determine the country's direction together," he said.