Hung Parliament needs to be resolved swiftly

20 Nov 2022 06:30pm
GE15. (Photo by BERNAMA)
GE15. (Photo by BERNAMA)

SHAH ALAM - A hung Parliament as a result of the most competitive general elections in the history of the country on Saturday saw no party gain a decisive majority to form the government and as such political analysts are calling for swift resolutions prioritising economic recovery.

Political expert Dr. Manimaran Govindasamy said that all political parties now need to negotiate their policies and requirements as soon as possible to get the numbers needed to reform the government for the next five years.

"A hung parliament will affect the economy and the administration of the country and it needs to be solved swiftly to ensure the stability of the micro- and macro-levels of the economy, '' he said.

"The Malaysian economy will not stabilise until we know the new government because we are still under the administration of a caretaker government.

"A hung parliament will affect the economy of the country. We urgently need to have a stable government," said Prof. Dr Nik Ahmad Kamal, a political analyst.

He said, "I believe the market and the economy will not stabilise until we know who will be our new government and our new Prime Minister.

"The political landscape in Malaysia is now very interesting and people are very aware of what it going on, especially young voters."

Another political analyst Dr Azizuddin Sani said: "We can see the Malaysian people are very democratic. It's normal to have a hung parliament and it happens in all countries around the world. The most important thing is that a strong government needs to have a majority and be led by someone capable who can handle the Malaysian economy to attract investors from other countries."

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