PH-BN: Old foes can put differences aside, focus on nation building

21 Nov 2022 07:55pm
Datuk Naim Mohamad has been an Umno member since 1974
Datuk Naim Mohamad has been an Umno member since 1974
SHAH ALAM - An Umno veteran has sounded out its members of parliament and leaders for bringing the party to disrepute over internal issues raised in public and for insubordination, while also calling for a rational approach in dealing with the aftermath of the 15th general elections.

Datuk Naim Mohamad said he was disturbed by the constant airing of dirty linen in public and exchange of attacks between on social media and in the media, which was prevalent in the build-up to GE15.

"Whatever it is, I think I should advise these leaders to stop voicing out their dissatisfaction in public. What has been going on is showing the people clearly that there is a split and factions within Umno and this has led to distrust, as the disunity is apparent," said Naim, a former Umno Youth secretary who has been a member of the party since 1974.

"If we don't agree with party decisions or with the president, Umno has always had our channels and platforms to settle the our differences, so why do we have to show the world that we are disunited and split into factions in public and on social media? This never been common practice in Umno," said Naim.

On the matter of a possible alliance between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan to form a government, Naim said it is time to put differences aside and focus on nation building.

"Before the elections, we can be fiercely loyal to our parties. But now that it is done and given the resulting breakdown of seats after the people have decided, we now have to focus on nation building. This requires everyone to work together and if nation building requires us to put long-standing differences aside, then we should be courageous enough to do it," said Naim.

"It is clear now that there is a stalemate, where nobody has the simple majority. So, it was down to the parties to decide on alliances. There are pros and cons in teaming up with Perikatan Nasional, as there is with Pakatan Harapan and also if we choose to remain as opposition. This is where the burden of responsibility rests on the leadership and we should allow them the right to make the decisions and support the party once the decision is made."

On the sudden acceptance of DAP by Umno, which has become the centre of debate, Naim said that would be the most significant progress made in nation building efforts.

"We want to build a strong and stable nation for the future and for coming generations. If two of the biggest adversaries in politics can finally put their differences aside and agree to work with each other, I think that is a great step forward for the nation," said Naim.
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"It can finally settle issues pertaining to race relations and the distrust between the Malays and Chinese and that can only be a good thing."