Appoint qualified civil servants, avoid political appointees, says Cuepacs

28 Nov 2022 04:05pm
Adnan Mat
Adnan Mat
SHAH ALAM - Civil service union hopes that the prime minister and the ministers to be appointed will give priority to capable and competent civil servants to fill key positions in the service.

Cuepacs president Datuk Adnan Mat said political interference should be avoided to enable those appointed to give their best advice to the Cabinet.

"The civil service itself currently has qualified officers in various fields and they should be given opportunity according to their experience and competence," he said in a statement on Monday.

He said favouritism should also be avoided especially in appointing top post as it could affect the operations if the appointees were incompetent.

"Appointed officials based on favouritism by certain politicians is a cause of concern because they cannot carry out their responsibilities effectively, especially in giving the best advice to the minister," he said.

Though he said Cuepacs had no problem with political appointees with qualifications.

"However, to ensure that the smooth running of a department can be sustained in the event of a government transition, it is best to make appointments among civil servants only.

"Those appointed on the basis of politics should resign or be forced to resign when a government changes," he explained.

He said priority should be given to officers in the civil service who are qualified in terms of experience and competency in their respective fields.
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"The element of favouritism and political appointees should be set aside because it can disrupt harmony in the civil service itself," he explained.