‘PN shouldn’t feel comfortable, focus to improve important areas’

29 Nov 2022 04:52pm
Wan Saiful
Wan Saiful

SHAH ALAM - Perikatan Nasional (PN) is reminded not to feel comfortable and to accept the fact that there is still room for improvement by the coalition.

Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) information chief Datuk Wan Saiful Wan Jan believed that there were six important areas for immediate attention.

“First, the wisdom of PN’s struggle must continue to be widely publicised so that the people always remember that only the ‘Caring, Clean and Stable’ agenda championed by PN can produce a prosperous Malaysia for all.

“Second, the comradeship and the warmth of the inter-party components need to be strengthened in order for us to move as a tumult.

“The new generation is fed up with narrow partisan politics.

“Thirdly, the personal skills of the figures leading PN must be transferred to the skills of the group that includes the whole party so that there is no ‘hero worship’ as it exists in other parties,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

The Tasek Gelogor MP added that the PN component parties needed to increase the sharing space of expertise and build the capacity of the machinery together, especially to empower the grassroots among the youth.

The new generation of leaders, including young people and professionals, should be appointed to lead PN with guidance from more experienced leaders so that the party could take advantage of the fresh ideas they brought based on the experience of more senior figures.

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“There must be a dough of new and old people without putting anyone aside.

“Sixth, PN needs to work harder to convince non-Malays and urban Malay voters.

“This country belongs to all and PN must be a party for all levels of the people,” he said.

In the meantime, Wan Saiful said the new generation who voted in the 15th General Election (GE15) wanted new politics that was fresh, clean and possessed integrity until it produced a wave by giving PN a large number of seats.

“I personally witnessed how this new generation has flocked to support PN to record a large majority in the Tasek Gelugor Parliament,” he said.

According to him, they also gave PN the confidence to fight for and make the agenda a success.

“The combination of the parties in PN managed to strengthen each other.

“Bersatu brings its image and leadership abilities to the highest level. Pas brings the strength of machinery and the survival of the party wisdom. Gerakan, SUPP and STAR bring rich culture and convention to enable PN to be accepted by all.

“These dependencies produce a comprehensive and inclusive togetherness. Not one party in PN can claim they bring in more contributions because the image network, machinery and reception are all needed simultaneously. If one is missing, then it is flawed,” he said.