Govt beefs up on monitoring egg supply, public told not to make panic purchases

29 Nov 2022 06:34pm
Ariffin (right) monitoring egg supplies in Setiawangsa today.
Ariffin (right) monitoring egg supplies in Setiawangsa today.
KUALA LUMPUR - Consumers are told not to make any panic purchases over eggs and buy according to their needs, said Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs ministry.

The Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (WPKL) director Ariffin Samsudin said the issue of lack of supply of chicken eggs on social media has caused consumers, especially traders, to panic and make large-scale purchases for fear of shortage in supply.

He further they have not received any official complaints from users over the issue.

"I advise consumers to go back to their usual way of life, if you eat five eggs, buy that amount and don't buy excessively as eggs can't be stored for too long, he said while carrying out checks at Setiawangsa today.

He said the Kuala Lumpur division constantly monitors the supply of chicken eggs through 55 selected retail outlets, an indicator of the current supply throughout the city.

As of Nov 27, the total reported supply of chicken eggs stood at 142,779 while on Nov 28, 2022, there were 128,864 eggs of various grades, he added.

"The monitoring results showed a reduction in supply received through suppliers and a high buying trend by consumers," he said.

In addition, he said, the ministry has also implemented the Maximum Chicken and Egg Price Determination under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 which came into force on Oct 12.

"The wholesale and retail control price of a chicken egg for grade A (wholesale: 42 cents/retail: 45 cents), B (wholesale: 40 cents/ retail: 43 cents) and C (wholesale: 38 cents/ retail: 41 cents).
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"Our officers will carry out regular monitoring at specific locations such as wet markets, farmers markets, supermarkets and grocery stores to ensure that traders comply with the prices," he said.

He said strict action will be taken against parties who violate the Control of Supplies Act 1961 (Act 122) and (Control of Supplies Regulations 1974) including hiding, storing or sabotaging activities against the supply of chicken eggs.

"For traders who are trying to take advantage of selling controlled goods above the prescribed price, they face the action of the Price Control And Anti-Profiteering Act (AKHAP) 2011.

"We ask for the cooperation of supermarkets and traders in the issue of supply and price of chicken eggs. We will not compromise with any party that tries to affect people's lives," he said.
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