Prostration, easy formula to face life's challenges

03 Dec 2022 03:00pm
Preacher from Bangladesh, Shaykh Mizanur Rahman Azhari - FILE PIX
Preacher from Bangladesh, Shaykh Mizanur Rahman Azhari - FILE PIX

KUALA LUMPUR – Prostration is a simple formula for every human being on earth to face any challenge in life.

Bangladeshi preacher Shaykh Mizanur Rahman Azhari said prostration was also a pillar in prayer.

"The prostrating position is the closest time between us and Allah SWT and that is why we are encouraged to pray as much as possible because our hearts are very close to Him.

He said this while delivering the keynote speech "Prostration: A Divine Formula To Face Challenges" in conjunction with the World #QuranConvention (WQC) 3.0 programme titled 'Coping With Challenges Surah Al-Sajdah' here on Saturday.

Shaykh Mizanur explained, therefore, prostrating was the best solution to help Muslims to get out of whatever bothered them.

"So no matter what problems we face such as problems in school, career and business we can face them by prostrating and 'asking with prayer' to Him," he said.

Shaykh Mizanur added when in a prostrating position, humans would feel that they are just ordinary beings, thus creating a sense of humility and not being proud of their superiority.

In addition, he said, prostration is also beneficial in terms of health because in this position, the seven bones of the body, namely the forehead and the upper part of the nose, two palms, two knees and the ends of both legs are in the lowest position.

"In terms of health, the flow of oxygen in the body is good, it's easy to remember things and it also gives a sense of relaxation," he explained.

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