Emilia had been 'assaulted' since 2011 - Younger sister

06 Dec 2022 09:08pm
From left: SM Faisal, Emilia, Elisa Nani
From left: SM Faisal, Emilia, Elisa Nani
KUALA LUMPUR - The Magistrate's Court here today was told that businessman Datuk SM Faisal SM Nasimuddin had been assaulting his ex-wife Emilia Hanafi physically for three to four years, since 2011.

A younger sister of Emilia, Elisa Nani Hanafi, 38, said Emilia had shared unpleasant stories when Faisal was at home and on Oct 20, 2015, her sister told her that she was physically beaten up by Faisal and shared photos via WhatsApp that she was beaten up earlier that day.

"She told me that it has been going on for three to four years (since 2011) and she did not tell anyone else nor did she want anyone else to know and had asked me to keep it confidential,” she said when reading out her witness statement at the trial of SM Faisal who is charged with voluntarily causing injury to Emilia.

The sixth prosecution witness said Emilia also sent photos of the bruises on her thigh and marks on her hands, around 8pm on Oct 20, 2015 with torn birthday card photos she gave to SM Faisal.

"I asked her what had happened. She told me Faisal had arrived from overseas between 2 to 3pm (on Oct 20, 2015) and she with her son went to the airport to pick him up for a surprise.

"After arriving home, she cooked him (SM Faisal) healthy food as she knew he was on a diet. She then proceeded to make him salmon with lemon sauce, avocado, olives and spinach.

"When he was served, he threw the plate that the food was served at her and the plate shattered. He also "campak" her (Emilia) to the floor multiple times. After the incident, Emilia told me that Faisal tore up his birthday card and locked Emilia out of their bedroom that is situated on the third floor,” she said.

The witness said she insisted Emilia tell someone who was older and wiser to give her proper advice, however, Emilia disagreed to tell their mother about the matter because she did not want their mother to worry.

"I then begged her (Emilia) to tell someone and suggested Mak, Faisal's mother and after persuading, she agreed,” the witness said adding that she and Emilia finally met Faisal’s mother at her house in Bukit Tunku.
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Elisa Nani further said, Faisal's mother advised Emilia to make a police report but Emilia did not want to do so because she did not want to embarrass him (SM Faisal), their family, his family's name and reputation.

The witness said on Nov 22, 2015, Emilia told her that SM Faisal continued to beat her up and again asked me to call the police to go to her house in Serene Kiara immediately, because she was scared.

"I asked my husband, Carl to accompany me to Emilia and SM Faisal’s house at Serene Kiara and called the police that I need help to escort me to that house because my sister was being beaten up and assaulted by her husband,” she said.

Elisa Nani said, when she and the police arrived at the house, SM Faisal greeted them nicely and one of the policemen asked SM Faisal, ‘Masalah apa ini’? (What is the problem)

"Faisal replied ‘Masalah rumah tangga, benda kecil sahaja, tak apa, adik ipar saya sudah sampai',” the witness said adding that she goes upstairs to get Emilia.

She added, Emilia opened the door and looked in fear and they hugged and cried but when she saw bruises on her face, Emilia asked the police for help while crying and explained that she had been assaulted and beaten.

SM Faisal, 43, is charged with voluntarily causing hurt to Emilia, 43, at a house in Desa Sri Hartamas, Brickfields here, between 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm on Nov 22, 2015 under Section 323 of the Penal Code and punishable under Section 326A of the same code, provides imprisonment for up to two years or a maximum fine of RM2,000 or both, if convicted.

The hearing before Magistrate Nadia Othman continues on Jan 5. - BERNAMA