Fun fair mishap: Victims' family plans to take legal actions

13 Dec 2022 05:47pm
Faizah (second from right) with her children showing an image of Shahfaraz Aiefan who suffered injuries in the eye and left leg.
Faizah (second from right) with her children showing an image of Shahfaraz Aiefan who suffered injuries in the eye and left leg.

PUNCAK ALAM - The family of the two victims who fall off the fun fair 'Sotong Ride' intends to take legal action.

The incident on Monday resulted in Noraziera Zulkiffle, 31 and her sister Shahfaraz Aiefan Zulkiffle, 11 sustained injuries after they plummeted off the ride at Puncak Alam.

Their mother Faizah Mat Sam, 52, said the family expressed their disappointment towards the organisers of the fun fair who were negligent in handling their equipment.

She said the issue was not supposed to happen because it involved the safety and lives of those visiting the fun fair.

"I am disappointed with what happened, and we will take legal actions," she said when met at her residence in Kampung Bukit Kuching, Jeram, here, on Tuesday.

Faizah said two police reports had been made at the Jeram Police Station and the Kuala Selangor District Police Headquarters (IPD) on Tuesday.

Faizah said the purpose of the report was to provide justice for her two children who were injured on the ride.

"My eldest (Noraziera) suffered a strong blow to the head and swelling on her left leg while my youngest daughter (Shahfaraz Aiefan) was injured on her eye and left foot," she said.

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She said the family was still discussing the next course of action, including the appointment of a lawyer.

She explained such negligence should not happen and hoped that no more victims would be involved in this incident.

Faizah said her son-in-law and her four children visited the fun fair at about 7pm on Monday.

"My children had been planning to go since Saturday, but they decided to go on Monday due to the rain.

"They had invited me, but I decided to stay at home.

"My heart sank when I found out that two of my children had fallen from the fun fair ride and Alhamdulillah, they were all safe," she explained.

She said that the two received treatments at the Shah Alam Hospital and were discharged today.

Noraziera's sister Nurazliyana, 17, said that at the time of the incident, she and another sister, Nurazriyanie, 15, were in the same ride but were seated at another seat behind her sister.

She said the ride moved and spun around in the air and was ridden for less than a minute.

"At the time I heard the sound of the safety metal being pulled out and in an instant, I was shocked when I saw my sister being thrown out of her seat.

"I was surprised and as soon as the ride stopped, I approached both of them and heard my sister said that she was in pain," she explained.

She said that the two were then taken in an ambulance 40 minutes after the incident.

"I had tears in my eyes at the time and prayed for everything to be done easily," Noraziera said.

Sinar previously reported that the Kuala Selangor Municipal Council (MPKS) confirmed that the fun fair in Puncak Alam had operated without approval and licence from the local authorities.

Its director Rahilah Rahmat said the organisers had submitted applications for the entertainment activity license several times but their applications were found to be incomplete.