Education ministry to reactivate National Education Advisory Council - Fadhlina

15 Dec 2022 06:19pm
Fadhlina Sidek.
Fadhlina Sidek.
PUTRAJAYA - The Education Ministry will reactivate the National Education Advisory Council (MPPK) to contribute ideas and improve national education.

In saying this, its minister Fadhlina Sidek said the council would be composed of stakeholders in the education field.

"By reactivating the council, it is hoped that it can contribute ideas and views to the ministry and further improve the direction of the country's education," she said.

Also present were Education Deputy Minister Lim Hui Ying and secretary-general Datuk Yusran Shah Mohd Yusof and director-general Datuk Pkharuddin Ghazali.

She said MPPK will contribute ideas and views in drafting and improving the direction of national education.

"This includes efforts to continue the Malaysian Education Development Plan which would end in 2025.

"We would have a holistic discussion and deliberation will strategic partners and stakeholdres on issues and policies which can be improvised, reinstated and established.

"This step would ensure that the education ecosystem is implemented in accordance with procedures which are based on Education Act 1996," she added.

Fadhlina also welcomed the public to suggest names of individuals who are suitable and qualified to become the members of the MPPK.

"They can suggest the names through the ministry's official channel," she said.

The Nibong Tebal MP assured the ministry would continue the existing education policy in addition to improving the delivery process to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness.

"I found that there are some improvements from the delivery process and education services aspects that need to be implemented.

"The education ministry's aspirations are quite clear, therefore, all decisions taken must be scrutinised and studied, this culture will be continued to be carried out by the ministry," she said.

Fadhlina said the education ministry will focus on seven key pillars, including ensuring communication between schools and the ministry to be more efficient and transparent.

She said the move was to reduce the bureaucratic gap between teachers and students.

"So complaints, suggestions and questions can be submitted directly through various official channels provided by the Finance Ministry including the Public Complaints Management System (SISPAA), AduBuli and customer service counters.

"I will make sure that relevant reports will be actioned," she said.