Coffee Star: Empowering coffee and women

18 Dec 2022 08:00am
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SHAH ALAM - Apart from selling hot drinks through its unique selling proposition which is its coffee ATM machine, Coffee Star also empowers more women to be more involved in leading its operations.

Its chief executive officer, Raja Ahmad Fauzan Raja Hassan shared that most of the departments in Coffee Star were led by women.

He told Sinar Daily during an interview for the Bang for Your Buck video programme, the company aimed to have a balanced portfolio.

“In business development and in taking care of human resources, they have proven that they can do better than men.

“We do have a balanced portfolio. When it comes to technicality, it's focuesed on men as they like to use tools.

“But in terms of things that require thinking, talking to people or to convince people, women are better suited in that scenario,” he said on behalf of Coffee Star.

Established in April 2019, Raja Ahmad Fauzan said they initially had 12 staff- however the situation changed as the pandemic covid-19 happened in November, the same year.

However, he didn’t take the challenge negatively despite shouldering the weight. The endemic and recovering phase eventually helped Coffee Star to develop faster.

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Now, there are more than 70 Coffee Star ATM machines that can be found in the Peninsular and Raja Ahmad Fauzan said he was positive to expand 100 machines by year end.