Anwar dreams of visiting an 'independent' Palestine, free from Israeli Zionist grip

19 Dec 2022 11:56pm
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

KUALA LUMPUR - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today expressed his dream to visit an 'independent' Palestine.

The wish was shared by Anwar when he was personally invited by Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas via a phone call today, made by the latter to congratulate him on his appointment as the 10th Prime Minister.

"Of course, I look forward to. I have never been there, and it is my dream to go there and particularly to an independent Palestine insyaAllah," he added.

A video of their conversation was shared on Anwar's Facebook today.

In the conversation, Mahmoud, who invited Anwar to visit Palestine at any time, said Palestine would be honoured to receive Anwar in their land.

During the over six-minute conversation, Mahmoud also expressed his appreciation for Anwar's support for the Palestinians.

"I am grateful to your position towards the Palestinian issues and your support for Palestine everywhere, especially in the international community, and the fact that we (Palestine) admire your help...," said Mahmoud.

Anwar said his administration would continue supporting the just cause for Palestinians and condemn all sorts of harassment and attempt to dispose of the rights of the Palestinians.

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"We (Malaysia) will remain steadfast and consistent in support of the Palestinians' struggle for peace and dignity," the Prime Minister added.

Thanking Anwar for the support, Mahmoud said Palestine wanted to open all its doors for trade and cooperation as well as economic relations between Palestine and Malaysia.

Anwar replied that he would inform the Cabinet of such kind remarks and Mahmoud's intention to enhance bilateral cooperation, investment, trade, culture and education.

Anwar said generally Malaysians are in full support and follow the developments in Palestine, and it was made a part of Malaysians' struggle and he himself had been following issues in Palestine since 1973.

Anwar told Mahmoud that he felt very sad looking at media reports on continuous killings and the refusal of the offending party to engage in proper negotiations.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post, Anwar gave an assurance that Malaysia would remain firm in its struggle to end the long-drawn-out suffering of the Palestinians and restore peace, freedom and indepedence to Palestine.

He said this would be Malaysia's commitment to Palestine throughout his tenure.

The prime minister said during the conversation he and Mahmoud reiterated their readiness to strengthen bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Palestine in various fields, including in trade, people-to-people ties and education.

"I also expressed my sympathy for the fate that befell Palestinians and emphasised Malaysia's continuing commitment and solidarity for the Palestinian people's struggle to free Palestine from the grip of the Israeli Zionists," he added.- BERNAMA