Perlis tables RM293.36 million budget for 2023

20 Dec 2022 01:25pm

KANGAR - The Perlis government today tabled the state budget for 2023 amounting to RM293.36 million for operating and development expenditures.

Menteri Besar Mohd Shukri Ramli said the budget has a projected deficit estimated at 1.25 per cent or RM68.18 million, an increase of RM RM0.84 million from RM67.34 million in 2022.

In his budget speech themed "Changes: Generating Stability, Facing Challenges”, Mohd Shukri said a total of RM180.41 million or 61.50 per cent is allocated for operating expenditure while RM112.95 million or 38.50 per cent for development expenditure.

"Overall, operating costs have increased by 2.17 per cent compared to 2022. A total of RM61.05 million has been provided for civil servants' emoluments, while RM74.00 million is to cover service and supply expenses.

"A total of RM38.39 million has been allocated for grants and fixed payments and RM6.97 million is allocated for assets and other expenditures,” he said at the Perlis State Legislative Assembly sitting.

Mohd Shukri, who is also Sanglang assemblyman, said RM73.89 million has been allocated for the Perlis State Water Supply System Medium Term Mitigation Project and the construction of the Istana Raja Muda Perlis "The funding for these two projects is through loans from the federal government to the state government,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said RM34.71 million has been allocated under the Grant Based on Level Economic Development, Infrastructure and Welfare (TAHAP) and Ecological Fiscal Transfer for Biodiversity (EFT).

"The allocation will be distributed to the six main implementing agencies to meet the development needs of all sectors, namely RM86.37 million to the Perlis State Government Secretary's Office and Perlis State Public Works Department (JKR Perlis) amounting to RM14.70 million.

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"Also to State Agriculture Department (RM3.09 million), State Veterinary Services Department (RM0.88 million), State Irrigation and Drainage Department (RM5.63 million) and State Forestry Department (RM2.28 million),” he said.

He also said that Budget 2023 was estimated to generate RM112.23 million in revenue for the state government, an increase of 2.99 million ringgit or 2.74 per cent compared to 2022.

"The biggest contributor is non-revenue receipts of RM66.90 million, followed by non-tax revenue amounting to RM23.46 million and tax revenue amounting to RM 21.87 million,” he added. - BERNAMA

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