Seven tips for parents flying with kids

23 Dec 2022 12:40pm
Photo for illustrative purposes - Photo by 123RF
Photo for illustrative purposes - Photo by 123RF

SHAH ALAM - School holidays offer a wide variety of options for parents to travel as a family domestically or internationally and is way to strengthen the bond between family members.

However, parents are reminded to take care of their children and to prioritise their comfort when planning a vacation.

Many sympathises with parents when they have to handle their children’s antics especially on the flight.

The matter looked trivial but long flights and travel time could be draining and boring for children.

SinarPlus shares some tips for parents to fly with their children comfortably or without too much problems.

The first one is to pick destinations that do not have long flight duration so that the children would not feel anxious or bored with their surroundings.

A direct flight to the destination would be better rather than having to go through multiple transits.

The second tip is to pack spare clothes for the children as parents must consider the possibility of children making a mess or having involuntary reflexes like vomiting.

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This is crucial for the next tip which is preparing clothes that are comfortable for the children.

Even though parents might want their children to be dressed in certain outfits, comfort is more important when the children are on the plane.

Photo for illustrative purposes - Photo by 123RF
Photo for illustrative purposes - Photo by 123RF

The fourth tip involved renting necessary equipment for the children because when travelling long distances parents might need strollers or car seats when they arrive at their destination.

The following tip is the most common one for parents which is to ensure the children’s diapers have been changed before boarding a flight because the plane would not offer the comfort to change them in a limited space.

The next tip is for mothers to breastfeed their child while the plane takes off as it could aid in correcting the child’s ear discomfort due to the change of pressure.

The last tip is to bring a child's favourite thing like a toy, book or food if they could not rest well during the flight.

Comfort should always be prioritised for parents who want to travel with their children.

For the first time, parents should consider traveling to destinations nearby and enjoying the beautiful moments created in their journey.