This man deconstructs luxury leather bags to discover if they're worth the cost

23 Dec 2022 04:54pm
Tanner Leatherstein - Instagram (@tanner.leatherstein)
Tanner Leatherstein - Instagram (@tanner.leatherstein)
While some of us may be willing to spend a significant extra amount of money on luxury goods, especially ones made of leather assuming that its high price point signals an exceptional degree of quality as well as an exclusive status, leather craftsman with at least 20 years of experience, Tanner Leatherstein argued that it may not be as apparent when it comes to luxury leather items.

On his Instagram page, he has been uploading videos of himself unapologetically cutting, ripping, and tearing apart bags and purses among other goods from big brands that would cost him thousands of dollars in order to help the public learn the truth about the quality of the products and also the numbers that could have been on their price tag alternatively.

In one of his many videos, he took his blade on a purse from Gucci to end up figuring that the product which can be purchased for over a grant could have only cost not even half of the numbers on its price tag to be manufactured.

"At its $1,200 price tag, you're paying a lot for the status that comes with the logo," he said after deconstructing the leather item from the highly perceived brand.

In light of those who think that certain products are made out of good leather since they are expensive, he said that that was never the case as even though good leather is not cheap, it is not astronomically expensive.

In another video where he went about deconstructing a bag from Prada, he questioned his viewers, "Can you believe I paid $2,200 for this bag?"

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Having inspected the product made out of the brand's Saffiano leather which he noted felt so much like plastic to him, he estimated that $50 would cover the leather and another $70 would pay for the labour since he found that bag is not that complex. He concluded, "Given my estimate of $120, there's a lot of premium packed in that price, but of course, it's Prada.

"If you're not in the status game and you're looking for a leather that you will enjoy with your senses, this may not be for you," he said as he laid a piece of advice for serious luxury leather enthusiasts.

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As a disclaimer, Tanner does not intend to judge anybody who is after the status associated to nature's gifted material. What he is determined to achieve with his possibly nerve-wracking and sweat-stressing videos for some, is for his audience to be able to evaluate their consideration wisely and reach an informed decision before picking up one of those pricey luxury products.

Revealing that he has been receiving positive feedback and even requests to make videos on leather goods from numerous brands, he expressed his happiness that there are people who benefit from the "inspections and knowledge transfer".

Tanner who was born into a family-owned tannery and has been getting his hands around leather since the young age of 11, made it clear that he is aware of and understands that there is a demand for the sense of luxury or status associated with the products within the ever-blooming market and industry

Hence, he is determined to help educate consumers across the globe to experience leather goods as best as they possibly could to their full potential with his informative content.
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