Cellvia unveils new range of effects-based product

13 Jan 2023 05:06pm

Cellvia has unveiled a range of effects-based products to the Malaysian market at Colony, Kuala Lumpur.

The ceremony was attended by industry entrepreneurs, who attended presentations and demonstrations made by R&D experts from South Korea that explained the excellence in formulation and technology is what differentiates Cellvia from other brands.


Collagen is the scaffolding of the human body, supporting skin elasticity and preventing wrinkles. DNA damage occurs naturally with age, decreasing collagen production and causing early signs of ageing.

CGN’s products contain the latest generation of high molecular collagen that helps to significantly improve and restore skin health by improving its texture, preventing and minimises the effects of blemishes, wrinkles and scars, and moisturises.

Cellvia Mythology Creation Ampoules and Scalpia Plus Ampoules are made from the highest quality collagen extracts, natural ingredients, and an advanced technological process.

Cellvia's products are ethically sourced, widely accepted by regulatory bodies, and praised by industry leaders.

Active ingredients: Collagen extracts, tissue-cultured wild ginseng root extract, Jeju lava seawater, tremella fuciformis (mushroom) extracts, Idebenone, niacinamide and Hippophae rhamnoides fruits extracts.

The composition of these active ingredients delivers proven results in replacing damaged cells due to ageing and significantly improves and restores the skin health by improving its texture, preventing and minimises the effects of blemishes, wrinkles, and scars, improving skin elasticity, nourishing the skin with its plethora of minerals and vitamins ultimately restoring the youthfulness of the treated human face & body.

Effective Application with An Award-Winning Device

Shuspell Air Therapy device: Cellvia Mythology Creation Ampoule is applied to the skin via a 5-in-1 beauty spray device. The award-winning SHUSPELL Air Therapy.

This application method enables near-absolute absorption of the active ingredients, made possible with its micro nanotechnology (MNT) of reducing the ingredient's size to one billionth of a meter, equivalent in comparison to 1/1000,000th of the thickness of a human hair.

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