Consumers say no to floating egg price

18 Jan 2023 04:44pm
Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo: 123RF
Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo: 123RF

SHAH ALAM - The government should reconsider the need to float the prices of chicken eggs, as it will burden the people especially those from lower income families, consumers say.

This was based on responses from a Sinar Daily survey done among consumer groups in the Klang Valley.

Nasi lemak hawker Rosidah 48, said that the government should maintain the subsidy for eggs as floating the price for eggs will cause an increase in food cost.

"They should keep the subsidy for eggs. Floating egg prices will increase food cost.

"If I increase the price of my nasi lemak, no customer will buy and it will be my loss," she said.

Meanwhile, bank officer Ahmad Rosdi 32, said floating egg prices will hike the price of food and beverages.

He said that he do not mind if the government increased the ceiling price as long as eggs are still subsidised.

He was also in favour of targeted subsidies towards the lower income group as it will ease their burden.

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"I don't mind if the ceiling prices increase a bit but the subsidy should be maintained and I agree with targeted subsidies towards the B40 group. I believe it will ease their burden," he said.

For 28 year-old housewife Elina Razak, she disagreed for the government to float egg prices as it might soar.

She explained that her household consumes eggs daily so it will be a burden for her and many other housewives if the price increases.

She said the government should give cash aid to targeted groups should they decide to float egg prices.

"If the government wants to float the prices of eggs, they should give aid in form of cash to targeted groups," she said.

On Monday, Agriculture and Food Security Minister, Mohamad Sabu said the government is studying whether there is a need to float the prices of chicken eggs as well as to provide subsidies for the B40 community.

“There are suggestions that the government should float the egg prices and give subsidies for the B40 group.

"We are studying whether this will benefit the lower income group," he said at a ceremony hosted by his ministry on Monday.