Mother strangles baby to death after a night with her boyfriend

19 Jan 2023 04:33pm
Wan Kamarul Azran
Wan Kamarul Azran

SEPANG - A young mother was detained along with her boyfriend for suspicion of strangling her baby after a night together at a condominium in Cyberjaya here on Jan 12.

The 20-year-old suspect is said to be a clerk at a private company and was in the process of divorcing after nearly two years of marriage with her unemployed husband.

In the initial statement made by Sepang District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Wan Kamarul Azran Wan Yusof said the suspect claimed that the victim fell from the sofa before being sent for treatment at Cyberjaya Hospital.

"The one year and six month old baby was sent to hospital by his biological mother in an unconscious state at around 11.30am.

“Initial examination results shows that the doctor found bleeding on both sides of the baby’s eyes which was likely caused by abuse and that the patient was in a critical condition,” he said in a statement today.

Wan Kamarul said the child was announced dead three days after receiving treatment.

Immediately after receiving the report, the cops contacted the victim’s mother but failed to do so as she had no record of a residential address.

Wan Kamarul said with assistance from police intelligence, they found the suspect at a flat in Putra Perdana, Dengkil and detained her around 12.15am on Jan 16.

"Her husband was also arrested on the same day,” he said.

The interrogation results shows the suspect admitted to covering her son's face with a pillow while he was sleeping due to marriage and family stress.

"The autopsy found injuries on the victim’s cheeks, gums, forehead and at the back of the right leg in addition to scratches on the left cheek and bruises on the neck which is believed caused by strangulation.

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"The cause of death due to asphyxia or lack of oxygen is assumed to be due to the mother’s action,” he added.

He said the suspect's 20-year-old husband was released on police bail as he is believed not to be involved as he was not present when the incident occurred.

"However, the suspect's boyfriend, who is a 21-year-old college student denied of being involved. He only came to the house to spend the night with the suspect and during the incident the man was not in the house," he said.

He said the suspect and her boyfriend were remanded for seven days from Jan 16 to under Section 302 of the Penal Code (murder) assist in the investigations.