Umno violated party's constitution, says member

20 Jan 2023 02:06pm
Umno General Assembly held last week. FILE PIX
Umno General Assembly held last week. FILE PIX

PUTRAJAYA - Umno has allegedly violated the party's Constitution in the recent General Assembly (PAU).

Umno member Muhammad Aizat Fikri Mohd Nasir said the matter happened when the additional motion for the president and deputy president position not to be contested was introduced during the president's keynote speech at the assembly.

He said the actions violated Rule 10, which stated any motion must be presented within 14 days.

"However, there was no notice sent towards representatives in that duration," he said through a press conference after making a report at the Registrar of Societies (RoS), here, on Friday.

He said a clause in the Umno Constitution stated the motion could be included on the day of the conference with several conditions.

"Firstly, the Supreme Working Council (MKT) must explain the motion, but this never happened. The MKT did not explain it.

"Secondly, the motion must be towards the public's importance, but it clearly wasn't. The motion only benefited two individuals," he said.

Aizat said the additional motion brought forward by the Rembau Umno Division representative Mohd Shukri Shamsudin did not bring the party's grassroots voices.

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"The grassroots never agreed on the matter. We must return to the grassroots to decide who should lead the party," he said.

Revealing further on the two individuals he claimed to 'benefit' after the two motions, he said:

"The two individuals are the one with importance, the president and deputy president.

"This matter is not based on the individual, but the positions," he said.

When asked about the risk of actions taken by the party towards them, the Kuala Nerus Umno member said it was up to the grassroots leadership.

"We fight for the truth. We are the only Umno members without a position in the party," he said.

Seremban Umno member Muhammad Fiqri Firdaus said some elements stunted Umno's democracy in the additional motion.

"Whenever there are efforts as such, it must be reviewed. From the quota directly toward the 160,000 representatives, it is progressive.

"It should at least be brought to the 191 divisions.

"That is one of the rationales why we brought it to the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to check if there was a way to dispute the motion.

They urged other Umno members to lodge the reports towards the RoS.

"As Umno members, we have a voice. To all members out there feeling afraid or shy, don't be because this is our voice. We will take the first steps," he said.

On Jan 13, Umno approved the additional motion for the presidential position held by Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan not to be contested in the upcoming party election.

The additional motion was brought forward by Shukri and was approved through a voice vote before the closing session of the debate began.

The approval of the motion was done behind closed doors in Merdeka Hall and was announced by Umno Permanent Chairman Tan Sri Badruddin Amiruddin pursuant to Clause 30 of the Umno Constitution and Article 10 of the Conference Rules.