Enforce profiteering act to stop restaurants from hiking prices by 40 pct, says council

25 Jan 2023 08:15am
Prices of food and drinks have been on the increase - Photo: Bernama
Prices of food and drinks have been on the increase - Photo: Bernama

ALOR SETAR - The government needs to enforce the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act (AKHAP) 2011 more strictly against traders found profiteering due to rising food prices at stalls and restaurants.

National Consumer Advisory Council president, Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid said base on average food price survey by the Malaysia Statistics Department (DOSM), the food price increase was a concern.

He said consumers complaint that stalls and restaurants operators raised prices between 10 to 40 per cent.

"Operators' say they have to raise prices because most of the raw materials like cooking oil, sugar, vegetables, fish, grains and eggs from suppliers have gone up," he said, here.

Azmi, the Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organisation (Mapim) president said even if there is an increase in the price of raw materials, it is unreasonable for the price of cooked food and beverages to be increased without control.

"Consumers should report to the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry through Ezy Adu if restaurants increase prices unreasonably," he said, adding that it is hitting the pockets of people who often eat out.

Lower income group, he said will also face higher cost of living.

"Increasing the prices of food excessively will eventually affect traders when consumers make a choice whether they want to buy or not," he said.

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However, Azmi urged the authorities to monitor unreasonable increase of food prices. "Although the food price must be displayed in a restaurant, but opeartors are the one who determines food prices," he further said.

Azmi urged consumers and NGOs to voice out their concerns and to expose profiteering.

"Restaurant associations must help reduce price of food to a reasonable level. They should take into account the pressure felt by lower income group," he said.

The government, he urged should make a long-term effort to reduce dependency on imported raw materials and increase domestic production.

Azmi further advised public to eat at home.

Previously, Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli said the government were not able to intervene on food prices at stalls and restaurants and asked public to boycott those who sell food at unreasonable prices.

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