Can women on their periods hold a Quran?

30 Jan 2023 01:34pm
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SHAH ALAM - The Quran are the perfect words from Allah SWT as a guide for Muslims to fight against the darkness in their hearts and light their way towards the truth.

It is said that the words and surah's in the quran could touch the heart and soul and bring a sense of calmness to those who recite it.

In Islam, reading the Quran is encouraged as there is an abundance of virtues in its practices.

Muslims are urged to read a page of the Quran daily to restrain themselves from evil and align themselves to good practices.

The question on whether women on their periods could hold the Quran has been answered in Surah al-Waqiah verse 78 - 79 which states "in a well-preserved Record, touched by none except the purified ˹angels˺." which implements that those on their period are not allowed to read or touch the Quran.

However, they are those who are on their periods who use a thick cloth to avoid themselves from touching the Quran directly.

According to the Federal Territories Mufti portal, a woman holding the Quran during their periods is still forbidden even with a covering or with any cloth.

This is based on the Syafie sect school of thought which rules that it is forbidden for a woman to hold the Quran during their periods

"It is forbidden for women to hold any parts connected to the mushaf (Quran).
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"It is also forbidden to touch the mushaf even through a thick cloth." (Refer to Hasyiyah al-Bujairimi ‘ala al-Khatib Dar al-Fikr)

It was also forbidden to touch the Quran through any coverings or cloths.

"Mushaf refers to any written words to learn the Quran, even if only a portion could be understood. The same was forbidden even if it was placed on cloths." (Refer to Al-Ibanah wa Ifadah fi Ahkam al-Haid wa Nifas wa istihadah)

As the muslims revered holy book, it is not permissible for a Muslim to touch the Quran when he does not have wudu (ablution) according to the majority of scholars.

This is the view of the four imams (may Allah be pleased with them), and this was the view expressed in the fatwas of the Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them).

Hence it is known that it is not permissible to touch the Quran except in a state of purity.