Israel plans to develop 18,000 new settlements in the West Bank, poses a threat to Palestine

30 Jan 2023 03:10pm
Photo taken from the Shuafat camp for Palestinian refugees. - Photo by AFP.
Photo taken from the Shuafat camp for Palestinian refugees. - Photo by AFP.
SHAH ALAM - Israel's right-wing administration is allegedly planning to develop illegal new settlements in the West Bank.

The plans were apparently revealed when Israel media sources Israel Hayom brought to light the

the news on Wednesday.

Palestine News Network (PNN) claimed the measures would give way towards their expansion

Israel Hayom revealed Israel's cabinet under its prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had begun to discuss their steps to accelerate and increase the developments at the West Bank which goes against international law.

"Netanyahu along with Israel War Minister Yoav Galant and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich met earlier this week to finalise the process.

"Several components of the plans were released from the meeting," as reported by on Wednesday.

Israel Hayom stated that the approval threatens a large portion of Palestine as it involves the increase in the Israeli population in the West Bank in the upcoming years.

Saudi Arabia news portal Arab News reported that under the Israel's One Million Settlers programme, besides providing 18,000 new settlements, the project will involve the relocation of hundreds of thousands of settlers towards the West Bank and the registration of many Palestine citizens in the Official Israel government database.
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"The Israel news stated the new government will seek to legalise settlement outposts including Avitar and Homesh,near Bablus by amending the 'secession/withdrawal' law and connecting the sites with basic infrastructure," reported.

Fatah Spokesman Jamal Nazal condemned the extension of the Israeli Knesset or Parliament's emergency rule that imposes Israeli law on settlements in the occupied West Bank known as apartheid law for five years.

He explained the unilateral move threatened Palestine's rights.

"The Israel Government's approach to expand the anti-democratic legal base threatens the rights of the Palestinian people in the territories occupied by Israel.

"Israel seeks to exploit the apartheid law to imprison Palestinians from occupied territories in Israel. This represented a breach in international laws that prohibits occupying countries from imprisoning people," he said as quoted by an Arab News portal on Wednesday. portal reported Netanyahu had released a statement to expand the illegal Israel regime to cross the Palestine territories and other areas as a priority.

He announced his Cabinet will 'advance and expand' illegal settlements throughout the occupied territories including 'in the Galilee, the Negev Desert, the Golan Heights, Judea and Samaria (West Bank)'.

The Israel regime declared their existence in 1948 after occupying large swaths of regional territory during a Western-backed war.

After they faced a similar war in 1967, Israel's move was extended by occupying more land in the West Bank including East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Syrian Golan Heights.