AI boosts productivity, not replacing jobs

05 Feb 2023 08:15pm
Image for illustrative purposes only - Facebook
Image for illustrative purposes only - Facebook
SHAH ALAM - While many may dread the day Artificial Intelligence (AI) replaces them at work, local tech players are saying that when used in the right way it can help to enhance productivity.

In response to the apprehension, Terato Tech founder and RONPOS president Reza Razali said that what actually matters is the fact there are resources that can increase productivity which can be channelled to many areas in need and he foresees that AI would unlock a new economic field.

Reza believes that it is something that Malaysia should capitalise on early since even many newly established start-ups in San Francisco have pivoted towards AI.

"It is something that Malaysia should not discount and perhaps, there needs to be more exposure for SMEs and tech companies in Malaysia on the benefits of utilising AI," he said.

"I don't think that we will lose jobs. Even unemployment in Malaysia currently is at the lowest point since the last couple decades."

The tech CEO said that there will be a reallocation.

"Of course, everyone worries about a new technology. Every time there is a new technology, everyone will say that many are going to lose jobs. But no, we human beings can easily adapt and change, and as now, unemployment is very low, I don't think it will be an issue," Reza explained.

While he admitted that he does not have the visibility to Malaysia's performance in AI, he pointed that he is aware of the fact that Malaysia does not have specific funding for AI.

Amplifying that AI would only enhance productivity instead of sweeping away jobs, tech start-up owner Dr Mazlan Abbas shared that used an AI tool called ChatGPT to help him write on his blog.
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ChatGPT or in its full form, Chat Generative Pre-trained Tansformer, is an advanced AI chatbot trained or taught using a set of data which in result, has enabled it to interact in a conversational way.

Equipped with a family of large language models, Chat GPT is capable of answering follow-up questions, admit mistakes, challenge incorrect premises and reject inappropriate requests.

Mazlan insisted that AI would do no harm, but help to get tasks done faster.

"While I already did have some tools back then, I never thought that we could have something as speed right now.

"If anything, I just ask and I will get it, complete. If I were to google, then I got to peruse through 10 links or articles in order to get to the answer," he said.

He acknowledged that AI software gives out answers based on the structure and tone of question whether its technical or general.

Even though he had only subscribed to the service recently, he found it very helpful that programmers can identify errors swiftly with the help of ChatGPT instead of having to reach out to their management or project leader.