UMF Njardvik first choice for Luqman Hakim despite interest by another club for loan move

07 Feb 2023 10:57am
Photo from UMF Njardvik official website.
Photo from UMF Njardvik official website.
Following the news of young national striker Luqman Hakim’s loan move to Icelandic football club UMF Njardvik from KV Kortrijk Football Club, it was revealed that another European football club had also shown interest in signing the 20-year-old.

In an exclusive interview with Sinar Daily, KV Kortrijk Football Club non-executive director Amin Fuad said a Lithuanian football club in the First Division had earlier expressed interest to sign Luqman on loan, however, negotiations on the contract were not agreeable to both parties.

“This explains the delay in announcing Luqman’s loan move to UMF Njardvik. We expected him to go on loan earlier, but it was delayed due to negotiations on the contract.

“Ultimately, he decided to go with the Icelandic football club. Furthermore, the coach had shown deep interest in signing Luqman.

“Although the football club is in the Second Divison, we were informed that Luqman would be given the chance to play every game, thus this will allow him to prove himself further.

"Malaysian football is not widely recognised in Europe, so this is where he needs to build his reputation as a Malaysian football player,” said Amin.

Luqman’s performance in KV Kortrijk was also heavily discussed by football fans here.

“I was told that Luqman is one of the players who have shown vast improvement since signing with the club but he needs more time to further strengthen his performance.

“KV Kortrijk will always support Luqman. They still want him to return and play for the club and will welcome him with open arms when he does.
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“But they also understand his desire to play more, so they’ve shown their full support towards Luqman going on loan,” he added.

Amin added that several local football clubs have also expressed their interest in signing Luqman should he return to Malaysia in the future.

However, Luqman is still keen to pursue his football career in Europe, said Amin.

Luqman’s move to UMF Njardvik was announced earlier today. The football club released a statement on its website and tweeted a video to announce his arrival.

Luqman will be on loan for one season.

“Hailing from Malaysia, Luqman is an attacking player who has a total of 2 A caps for Malaysia, as well as countless junior caps.

“Luqman was bought to K.V. Kortrijk from his home country in 2020 and has since made two appearances for the club in the Belgian Premiere League, including in one game this season.

"Apart from that, he has played for the club's Under-21 and reserve teams. Luqman has already arrived in the country and it will be fun to follow this exciting player in the green jersey.

"The football league warmly welcomes Luqman!,” wrote the football club in its statement.
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