Lembah Pantai Puteri chief Masliha to contest for wing's top post

08 Feb 2023 08:03pm
Dr Masliha Harun.
Dr Masliha Harun.

SHAH ALAM - Lembah Pantai Puteri Umno chief Dr Masliha Harun has announced to contest for the Puteri Umno post in the upcoming party polls.

The position is currently held by Datuk Zahida Zarikh Khan. In a statement today, she said she would strive to achieve the "REVU" vision, which stands for rejuvenation, empowerment, voice and unity if chosen as the new wing chief.

"REVU is able to bring inspiration and strength to Umno Puteri and the party itself with today’s dynamic politics. "Politics used to revolve around devotional service, but now is the new age of politics.

We must rejuvenate Umno Puteri by aggressively attracting the youth to join the party. "I want the Umno Puteri membership to involve all groups that are students, professionals, and young women under 18," she said in a statement on Wednesday.

The 2023 Umno elections will go on from Feb 1 to March 18, while the Umno Division Annual Conference and Committee Election for Wanita, Youth, and Puteri were held from Feb 1 to 26.

Meanwhile, the Umno Supreme Council Member election will be held simultaneously throughout the country on March 18. Masliha said it is not just empowering Umno Puteri but it dared to bring the youth’s voice through a more confident image fighting for the economy, education and leadership of the group.

"I want Umno Puteri to become the voice referred to by the youth and make the wing a one stop centre for young women to voice their problems and views.

"Several issues Puteri Umno struggled with were single mothers left without income, child molestation, and abuse," she said.

Masliha wanted to create unity within the party to ensure Umno could rise again.

"I want to combine the hearts of each member to care for the party and respect the organisation.

We don’t have to be obsessed with leaders, but obsessed with the party and the aspirations it brings.

"If each member knows about our aspirations and agendas clearly, they will focus together with Umno. This is important to instill the spirit among members," she said.

The Umno Puteri Undi 18 Act chairman said she has prepared a master plan to attract the groups towards the party.

She explained that there were some roadblocks that caused her plans not to be implemented before the recent election.

"If given the chance by members to become the new wing chief, I will ensure the master plan can be completed completely," she explained.

Masliha said it is not easy to lead a party wing in Umno’s current state, but it is a challenge she was willing to take to regain the trust of the public.

"My experience as a Puteri member since 2002 is my qualification to hold this position. I know we must act according to our capabilities, but we (Umno Puteri) were born in the opposition era.

"When we did not become the government and were defeated, some ran from the struggle, jumping ship, yet I am still here, and I see Allah has given us another chance.

"We are losing again, and we are no longer bragging about being the government; this is an opportunity for us to restore the party," she said.

Masliha said it will take a while to regain the trust of the public in Umno, the same goes for restoring the party’s name.

"I am confident that if the government remains stable, the economy will recover and Umno can recover. "Umno will remain with its agenda and aspirations of fighting for race, religion, and country, which will always be appreciated by the public," she said.