National hockey player Hanis suspended from SEA Games in Cambodia

09 Feb 2023 01:43pm
National hockey player Hanis Nadiah Onn - BERNAMA
National hockey player Hanis Nadiah Onn - BERNAMA

SHAH ALAM - National Hockey player Hanis Nadiah Onn has been suspended from representing Malaysia in international sporting events including the upcoming SEA Games in Cambodia following her racist remark on the recent AR Rahman concert.

The Youth and Sports Ministry said that the decision made by the investigation commitee set up to probe the slur was however indefinite and if Hanis showed a positive change in behaviour during the period which is understandably the run-up to the games, the decision would be reviewed by the Hockey Federation of Malaysia.

In its statement, the ministry said that the committee had ordered the federation not to consider Hanis’ representation of Malaysia in international sporting events including the upcoming 2023 SEA Games In Cambodia.

“The confederation will review the decision if Hanis displays a positive change in behaviour throughout the period.”

“The investigation committee hopes the suspension serves as a lesson for Hanis and all national athletes to always be wary of sending posts or tweets on social media platforms.”

Hanis had reportedly posted a comment on an Instagram photo and video of the concert which was held in Bukit Jalil last month, implying that it would have been smelly. She clipped the comment with tearing and laughing emojis.

The ministry had also said that the decision was made by the committee consisting of the National Sports Council and the Federation following several interview sessions in which Hanis and her coach Mohd Nasihin Nubli Ibrahim were separately summoned.

The committee concluded that Hanis uploaded a racist comment as it was directed at a majority of those attending the concert who were Indian. The committee also found that Hanis was personally guilty for making such a comment or statement on her social media account that could have been misconstrued by others and caused misunderstanding, anxiety or anger.
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“As a national hockey player Hanis was found guilty as she made a comment that tarnished the image of the team and the federation that clearly goes against the federation code of ethics.”

Earlier Mohd Nasihin said that Hanis was the team's main player adding that she was humble and highly disciplined throughout training as well as tournaments.

He also said that she was not racist and grew up in the multiracial town of Kluang and as an athlete she had many friends among Indians especially in the field of hockey and among her teammates and they got along without problems due to her friendly nature.

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