More than 1,000 victims need to be saved

15 Feb 2023 11:37pm
SHAH ALAM - Pahang Consumer Affairs and Human Resources exco Sim Chong Siang is ready to cooperate with the authority to save over 1,000 Malaysians who are still 'captured' by job scam syndicates abroad including Myanmar.

He, who had just returned from the rescue mission of five Malaysian who were the syndicate's victim, welcomed the government's effort to form a special committee to deal with the issue and he was ready to provide detailed information to the authorities.

"Government's effort to establish a special committee is good. We need to bring all Malaysians who were detained, tortured and abused by the syndicate, home even if there were a few who wanted to stay there.

"The government must save them as soon as possible because most victims were forced to become the scammer. I was told that there are currently 1,000 Malaysian who are in captive abroad including in Myanmar.

"I am ready to give full cooperation including providing completed informations to the authorities," he exclusively said to Sinar Premium on Wednesday.

The Teruntum state assembly member, however, said that he will only provide information and will not directly participate in the rescue mission as the task is too dangerous.

He said the effort to save the five Malaysian including a woman stranded in Myanmar recently was his last mission.

However, this was not his first time saying this and he had expressed the same desire before.

It was understood that the five Malaysian were believed to have been smuggled into KK Garden in Thailand which was also known as Garden of Hell by Myanmar or other countries.
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Chong Siang shared to the reporters that he hoped the rescue mission on last Feb 3 to 7 was the closing for his accidental involvement in saving young Malaysians who were victims of job scams abroad.

He said his participation in the rescue mission since a year ago had gave him satisfaction but now it had started to become mentally and emotionally draining as well as due to financial factor.

"This year, I had traveled from Malaysia to Thailand dozens of times. Everyone used their own expenses to save these Malaysian youth who believed they would be paid RM4,000 a month even as an employee with no skill," Chong Siang said.