Govt to review chicken, egg subsidies in June - Mat Sabu

18 Feb 2023 04:47pm
Mohamad Sabu
Mohamad Sabu
BAGAN DATUK - The government will review the need to continue providing subsidies to chicken breeders and egg producers in June, said Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu.

He said, so far, a total of RM1.8 billion in subsidy had been allocated for the breeders and producers involved and it is expected to exceed RM2 billion by June.

"By June, we will conduct a study on whether to continue with the subsidy or other methods to ensure that the price of the raw material is stable again.

"That is what we are looking into. If it is stable, what is the need to continue with the subsidy... the money (subsidy) can instead be channelled to other places that are more in need,” he told a media conference after launching the ‘Program Malaysia Madani: Perikanan Cukup dan Terjamin’ in Hutan Melintang, here, today.

In another development, he said his ministry had asked the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) to carry out detailed checks on eggs imported from India to ensure the quality level meets the stipulated standard.

"The DVS will carry out inspections immediately and all feedback regarding the matter will be relayed to the ministry,” he said.

Yesterday, Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (Fomca) deputy secretary-general Nur Asyikin Aminuddin urged the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS) to always ensure eggs imported from India are properly checked to avoid the sale of low-quality and expired eggs.

Earlier, Mohamad visited QL Foods and Leng Wah Fishery to observe the production of marine food products. - BERNAMA

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