Police found murdered model's head in a soup pot

27 Feb 2023 03:30pm
Model and social media celebrity Abby Choi. Photo: Instagram Abby Choi.
Model and social media celebrity Abby Choi. Photo: Instagram Abby Choi.

HONG KONG - Hong Kong police managed to find the head of model and social media celebrity Abby Choi, two days after finding parts of her body in a house in Lung Mei village, in Tai Po district.

Forensic experts found the victim's head in one of the soup pots in the house.

The victim's ex-husband, along with his brother and parents, have been arrested in connection with the murder.

According to the news portal HK01, the head was found in one of the two soup pots in the house.

Police also found a meat grinder, an electric saw and a handbag belonging to Abby as well as two women's feet in the fridge.

When police found the pot of soup, it was reportedly full and contained minced meat.

However, at that time the authorities could only confirm that there was human tissue in the pot, before sending it for further testing.

Forensics also found the victim's head with ribs, in one of the pots.

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"According to reports, the skull is still intact, but it is believed that there was at least one attempt to destroy it.

It was reported that the victim's hair was no longer sticking to the cooked skull.

The victim's hair no longer sticks to the cooked skull.

Forensic experts also found a small amount of minced meat, along with carrots and greens.

The victim's arms and limbs are still missing and police are continuing to search for other limbs on Monday.

In addition to searching the Tseung Kwan O cemetery since Feb 25, they also checked the drains in Lung Mei village.

Abby's ex husband Alex Kwong, was charged with murder.

Kwong's 65-year-old father and 31-year-old brother were also charged with murder while Kwong's 63-year-old mother was charged with obstructing justice.

The case will be heard in court in Hong Kong on Monday. - Astro Awani