"Ride the wave, not blame it," Faiz rallies Amanah support

02 Mar 2023 12:57pm

GEORGETOWN - Despite a slight decline in number of seats won, Parti Amanah Negara's (Amanah) performances in the past two general elections has been encouraging, said its central committee member Faiz Fadzil.

Permatang Pasir state assemblyman Faiz said, Amanah had done well to cement its position within the current political landscape, despite a reduction from 11 seats won in the 14th general elections in 2018 to eight in the last general elections last November.

He added that decline was caused by Malay Muslim sentiments being played by rival parties, which targeted coalition partners DAP as a punching bag, and thus called for Amanah members and supporters to rise and balance out the deficit rather than constantly blaming the wave.

"There is no use if the basis of Amanah's struggle is Islam but the Malays are not seeing this agenda.

"Amanah must reform its approach and strategy to be seen as relevant in the struggle for Islam and defending Malay rights," he said in a statement, here, on Thursday.

Faiz said, in addressing the diversity of society, Amanah must take a non-extreme approach and deploy moderate concepts to be applied in society so that Islam would be honored and respected.

He said the struggle to form a country free of corruption based on integrity and good governance principles as well as taking care of the people's welfare will be better seen rather than extreme religious struggles.

"This country is not in a war or conflict like Afghanistan, Palestine or Bosnia that required an understanding of jihad and hatred for the enemy.

"Citizens here have lived in peace. The non-Muslims in the country are not the enemy but other humans who deserve the rights of justice and virtue.

"Jihad in Malaysia that is relevant is the economic, education and nationality jihad based on the rahmah concept supported by social justice, courtesy and love," he added.

He said the Malaysia Madani government brought the rahmah agenda today with a good reception from the public, it meant the people want the government to solve their problems.

Faiz said Amanah needs to take the people's desire as an opportunity to remain supported by the people.

He did not deny the sentiment's existence led to arrogance, but he was confident that Malaysians were confident that Malaysians are wise and mature in assessing the party's capabilities.

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