Khoo slams MPs overstepping Parliament smoking zone

02 Mar 2023 03:53pm
Photo for illustrative purposes. - File PIC
Photo for illustrative purposes. - File PIC

KUALA LUMPUR - Kota Melaka member of Parliament Khoo Poay Tiong today slammed the attitude of his counterparts for constantly overstepping smoking areas at the Parliament building.

Khoo said this set a bad example and complicated the government's efforts to enforce the smoking ban in public areas under the Tobacco Product Control Regulations (PPKHT) 2004 (amended 2018).

"We don't need to go far (to enforce the law), observe the Parliament building area and we still see many who smoke despite it being a no smoking area.

"I think we should set a good example for everyone, we are the people's representatives, so what is the view from the Deputy Minister about the efforts that should be made.

"We hope the smokers have an understanding not to inconvenience others," he said in Dewan Rakyat today.

Khoo had interrupted Datuk Dr Alias Razak (PN-Kuala Nerus) and asked the Health Ministry to state their plans in strengthening the smoking complaint line following the complaints that did not receive appropriate follow up action.

Deputy Health Minister Lukanisman Awang Sauni agreed to the issue raised by Khoo.

"I agree with Kota Melaka (Khoo) regarding the smoking ban in Parliament and to set a better example, we must become representatives that show a commendable attitude.

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"I advise my Parliament friends who were still smoking if we can rid of the smoking habit, but if it must be continued, please go to the designated areas and avoid smoking in the Parliament building," he said.

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